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Producer, DJ and multi instrumentalist Knights (FKA JAHNA), originally hailing from Norwich before studying music production in Brighton, has cemented his unique style in this EP. Combining influences ranging from techno, dubstep and breakbeat, to hip hop, jazz and experimental music, into a signature melody driven sound. 

Through his jungle and drum 'n' bass alias JAHNA, he has released music on SUDO Sound, SND SYSTM CLTR & Waxed Records. Curating online mixes for Citrus and receiving radio play on Subtle FM plus support from Ray Keith along the way. 

Resident DJ at Save Yourself Events held at Volks in Brighton, Knights has DJ'ed across the city under various guises for the Cobra Sound & Do Well parties and most notably at Blueprint Festival.

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"The title track of the EP is heavily inspired by early Bonobo records. After writing Odyessy, I decided to use the melodic and harmonic aspects I had been playing with and make something more UKG inspired. The track came from 2 kalimba samples that were chopped and harmonised together. Once they were sequenced in and the chords had been recorded, it was simply a matter of layering breakbeats and arranging the track before the idea was fully brought to life.


Odyssey was the first track created for the EP. I had creative block for a while after finishing university and wanted to change my creative direction after falling out of love with what I was making. This track was heavily influenced by melodic techno, but has influences from classic jungle records coming from the breakbeat driven drum pattern. I used a generative code patch and tweaked the parameters while recording, the melodies were taken from using the generative code on different synth patches to create unique sounds.


Orion is the most introspective track on the EP. After writing Eclipse, I decided to put my all in for the closing track. After watching Bladerunner with my housemates and hearing the "Tears in Rain" monologue at end. The next day I clipped the audio from the film that I had downloaded on my laptop and placed it before the drop of a WIP I had started. This WIP became Orion, I structured the rest of the track around the notes that play while the monologue is being said. Also layering rain fall over the chords and creating a melody that sounds like rain drops. I wanted the end of the EP to be the most atmospheric of all the tracks and build a soundscape that moves and progresses."

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  • SoundCloud
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