Over the years SQUARMS have dipped our toes into multiple disciplines of music making and genre melting, owing appreciation to the UK's thriving underground club community, DIY improv scene and studying the ebbs and flows of contemporary internet culture to produce a cacophony of sounds for some reason we feel absolute necessary to make.

Taking influence from "the endless abyss that is the internet" - it's music for the cyberspace with lyricism for a lost youth culture on the edge of collapse. Bringing together vast elements of Post-Dub, Hip-Hop, Vaporwave and experiemental tape delay. Sonically baptised by UK counter culture, SQUARMS present a look beyond the velvet curtain of the mainstream and a glance into the bleak truth of hauntology and retro-futurism.

Recently featured on BBC Introducing In The North East's 'Top Tips for 2020' and on BBC Sounds 'The Hotlist' mixtape curated by DJ Jaguar, 2020 has seen the pair release a single each month, with crowd favourite 'Polka Dot' due for release via Kaneda Records on 15th May.


"If you've ever seen us live before you might recognise this one. We wrote it around the same time as 'She Left The TV On' and it's been featured in our live sets since day one. It's a tune that deserves a big old filthy sound system to do it any justice. " 


The duo debuted on the label with their "magnum opus" of 2019 'She Left The TV On', causing a summer spiral of biscuit fuelled debauchery, late night events and chatter amongst the lips of keen music listeners.

"She Left The TV On is not a happy-go-lucky, wistful-whistling tune; it’s an angsty, ankle-snapping trip. The kind of tune where you can almost smell the evaporated-sweat drenched club ceiling as you hit play; the kind of tune to which you might instinctually cover the back of your head in case of a raucous festival-style piss-missile; the kind of tune that would make your taxi driver lock his doors."

“it’s pretty sublime stuff, lightly dubby, spilling electronic wonderments hither and thither, and with a low-slung melody that spirals its way directly into your heart.” (The Crack, 2018)



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